Tree Removal Hialeah FL


Cutting a tree is not something we want to do and offer it as a last option for tree owners. However, if the condition of a tree is dangerous for people or buildings around it, tree removal is needed, and it is needed fast.

Removing a tree from residential or commercial property can be a challenge. Whether it is a tree that is dying, alive, but needs to make way for new construction or has fallen due to storm damage, tree removal requires trained and experienced technicians working with specialized equipment.

Professional tree removal service

Many DIY or inexperienced arborist have been injured trying to remove trees. We at Hialeah Tree Service send experienced and well-trained technicians to cut and remove unwanted trees. Our experts understand the complexities and dangers involved in tree removal and therefore handle each job with care. Our technicians would first verify if the removal of the tree is absolutely necessary before progressing with the work. Then we:

  • Use powerful saws, cranes and rigging for the job
  • Pay attention to the relevant safety guidelines
  • Keep your landscape and building protected during cutting and removal of trees, with very minimal impact on property and the environment
  • We can also grind the stump to eliminate the obstacle in the yard
  • Lastly, we clean all the debris before leaving

Why Hialeah Tree Service


Each species of tree has its own characteristics and location. Therefore, each tree requires its own techniques. Whether it’s a huge tree in the middle of a narrow street, or a small one that is near a residential roof, we apply the most effective technique in each case.


Our extensive 20 years experience allows us to evaluate and act quickly, safely and effectively on every tree removal job we take. We have helped cut trees in dozens of private homes, condominiums, schools, commercial establishments and others in Hialeah and surrounds.

State-of-the-art Equipment

We use state-of-the-art equipment thanks to which we are able to reach the most inaccessible points of trees, slopes, ravines, to operate and work in a comfortable and above all safe manner, always complying with the security measures required by labor legislation in this type of work.


We have all the necessary documentation to operate with total legality available to our clients: Social insurance, Civil Liability insurance and accidents, certifications and mandatory courses, risk prevention plan and more, Which we present before starting any work.


Our professionals carry out an integral service in the cutting of trees in a very competitive price. Allowing Hialeah residences to get quality service at a very affordable price.

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