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At Hialeah Tree Service Pros, we seek to be the best tree service available to the Hialeah community. We believe trees and clients are equally important. That being said, we customize our services to better suit our loyal customers.


Our group comprises of expert arborists who knows how our customers feel about their tree issues. We completely examine how to handle their current issues with tree. We use cutting edge technology to tackle any tree issue we come upon.


We show up at work ready and prepared to take on any challenge we might encounter in a timely manner. We do a visual inspection on-site, explain to our customer what needs to be done, and exactly do what has been discussed.


We appear at work prepared to take on any challenge in an organized manner. We complete a visual assessment on location, disclose to our client what should be done, and precisely do what has been talked about.

Our Services

Tree Removal

Property owners believe that tree evacuation is simple. Believe it or not, this is a one of the most dangerous tasks any arborist is entrusted to do. That is the reason when you need to remove your trees, you can generally count on Hialeah Tree Service Pros to carry out the task. We will deal with our tree issues.
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Stump Grinding

In some days when you checkout your yard and feel awed at how consistently cut the grass is, how lively the surroundings are  or how that blossoming bush plant makes the whole front garden look so beautiful. You move your eyes to that furthest corner where you see a tree stump. That doesn’t look good.
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On the off chance that you need any tree services, for example, stump grinding, tree removal or tree topping cutting, don’t dither us a call.

We are open 24 hours every day to answer your request.

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