Emergency Tree Service


When a storm occurs, fallen trees can block public streets or damage properties. Often, emergency individuals who try to remove fallen trees may face potential hazards such as electrocution by touching fallen light cables or trees touching fallen light cables, injuries from other parts of the trees falling, injuries caused by equipment such as chainsaws or chipper.

This is why when you need emergency tree service, you should only call the experts and certified professionals to deal with the tree problem. At Hialeah Tree Service Pros, we are available 24/7 to cater to all your emergency needs.

Call (786) 661-4281 as soon as possible and tell us about your tree emergency. We’ll then discuss with you what needs to be done and the costs of the service. Our rapid response team will then come to your place equipped with emergency tree service tools. We will let you know when we will be arriving, and we will arrive at the said time.

Professional Emergency Tree Service

In case of witnessing an immediate fall of a tree, the right thing to do is to call our emergency hotline. We will assess the risk and act accordingly, proceeding to carry out the tree removal or at least mark the perimeter to confine the danger. Our team of professionals specializes in emergency tree services for residential, commercial and municipal so you can rest assured that the job is in good hands.

We understand the high risk of these emergency jobs and therefore, our team of chainsaw and chipper operators who clear fallen trees wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) that includes gloves, chaps, protection for the feet, protective glasses, hearing protection, protective helmet and ropes to prevent falling.

We also use the appropriate equipment that is designed for outdoor use and can be used in wet conditions. It is important for us that all the equipment is well maintained and that it works correctly when used which is why we checked them before and after a job. In addition, all our equipment have correct guards, functional controls and other security measures installed by the manufacturer.

Other Emergency Tree Removal Reasons

In our 20 years in the business, we have encountered a lot of emergency tree service request, and not all of them are due to safety issues or storms. You could have any other reasons and that is fine. Anytime you’re facing a limited time window, Hialeah Tree Service Pros can be there to take care of your issue. Call us if you:

  • Have a fallen tree blocking access to your property.
  • Have a cracked or splitting tree threatening to fall on your house or property.
  • You are only in town for a short time and need to take care of a tree problem now.
  • Have a tree, limb or stump jeopardizing your construction schedule.
  • Have a dying tree, hanging limb or ugly stump hindering your property sale, delaying an open house or property closing.
  • Have received a citation from the city forester or a notice from your insurance company that needs a quick response

Tree Care And Maintenance

Emergency tree services can actually be avoided to a degree that can minimize certain storm tree damage to your residential or commercial properties. This can be done through regular and proper tree care and maintenance from the experts.

A large number of times, trees extending over power lines and roofs are certainly primary things that can create some of the most damage in the course of heavy winds or ice storms. With avoidance in mind, have our team trim or even clear away these harmful scenarios before they end up being an unfortunate reality.​

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